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  • It’s the mild shampoo produced especially for dogs and cats with a frail and soft skin/hair.
  • The mild cleansing property originated from coconut and natural aloe have the delicate and sensitive skin/hair washed gently.
  • They also help make the skin/hair clean and healthy by providing nourishment and moisture.
  • Recommended for the 4-28 weeks old puppies and kittens.
  • Also it suitable for adult dogs and cats that have delicate skin or need frequent bathing.
  • Forcans Mild Olive Shampoo use low irritation ingredients which have been originated from Olive oil, it is suitable to sensitive and delicate skin & hair.
  • The Heat-active ingredients and Aloe vera provide moisture, elasticity and glossy to dog and cat’s hair.
  • Added with 16,500 mg of German oat fiber rich in β-glucan, an oatmeal nutrients extract, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, etc.
  • It is a product effective in alleviating and protecting itchy and sensitive skin of pet animals.
  • With silicone-free formulation, it minimizes skin irritation and helps reduce the stress of puppies that dislike bath by finishing cleaning and rinsing quickly.