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  • Highly effective patented enzyme-formula that attacks dental plaque.
  • Suitable for dogs.
  • Easy to use gel: with or without brushing
  • Edible hypo-allergic products (easily digestible, low fat)
  • No fluoride, no added sugar, no artificial colors or flavors.
  • Approved and recommended by veterinarians.
  • Complete dog food developed specifically to delight the palate of our 4-legged friends.
  • A recipe made with baked salmon.
  • Formulated without cereals and supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support.
  • Added with germicidal & insecticidal to prevents pets from pest's bites and infestation
  • Improves and maintain pet's health & skin
  • Enhance coat brilliance & shine
  • Improve pet fur and luster
  • 4-in-1 and pH controlled
  • Poison free human & pet safe
  • For dogs and cats
  • Specially formulated Nutrition for Growing Puppies
  • Natural non-GMO ingredients.
  • High in nutrition & made from the highest source of protein.
  • Comprising over 48% of lamb meat and bone meal, fish meal and eggs.
  • Promote stable weight gain and lasting endurance for puppies.
  • Highest quality salmon oil helps to strengthen dog’s immune system against infections.
  • Provides extra protein and calcium for breast milk formulation and restore calcium level during pregnancy and nursing period.

MENU Vital (+vita herbs)

  • For a vital life
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • High fibre
  • No colourings or preservatives added
  • No sugar added
  • Keep cool and dry.
  • Product of Germany.


  • 100% duck
  • with FOS
  • 100% meat
  • no added sugar
  • for daily treats and training rewards


  • For indoor dogs of all life stages
  • 58% organic content.
  • At least 50% of the meat content.
  • High quality and easily digestible protein.
  • Maintains muscle mass and prevents obesity.
  • Rich in polyphenols (strong antioxidants).
  • Fortified with taurine vital for eye, brain and heart health.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.
  • Free from antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, artificial flavors and colors.


  • Prepared using premium quality ingredients with no added preservatives
  • High quality protein for easy digestion
  • High moisture content helps support a healthy urinary tract
  • Ingredients : Lamb,Vegetable, Vegetable Oil,Minerals,Vitamins.


  • Wild Sea Catchis 100% guaranteed for taste and nutrition.

  • Grain & gluten-free,this special formula is ideal as a high-protein, grain-free alternative diet for cats and kittens.

  • Quality protein sources,such as salmon meal and herring meal,are rich in Omega fatty acids, are highlydigestible andaid in building and maintaining your cat’s muscle.

  • Balanced levels of calcium and phosphoroushelp ensure that your cat or kitten gets the right mineral balance to build and maintain strong teeth and bones.

  • Guaranteed levels of antioxidant nutrients, like Vitamin E and Vitamin C,blended with nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits such as peas, apples, blueberries, carrots, spinach and cranberries helpsupport the immune system.

  • Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acidsare vital for a cat's immune and nervous systems, whilealsosupporting healthy skin and coat.

  • Made with high-quality ingredients and processing technologies, Wild Sea Catchprovides excellent digestibility and nutrient absorption.


  • With salmon and rabbit
  • Wheat-free recipe
  • Extremely tasty
  • Nylon chew bone is a dental care device for your dogs.
  • Regular chewing on this bone will assist in breaking down plaque and tartar deposits and reduce the incidence of gum disease.
  • This orthodontic aid also helps to exercise teeth/gums and the impregnated "Melon Scent" will ensure maximum interest, totally satisfying your dog's passion for chewing.
  • Nylon chew bone lasts a lot longer than conventional dog chews as it is manufactured from high quality thermoplastic.
  • Use nylon chew bone as a "Throw and Retrieve" training aid and have some fun while cleaning your dog's teeth at the same time.
  • Do not throw the bone into the air for your dog to catch. The sudden high impact could cause tooth damage.
  • When both knuckles are ground down, the bone should be replaced.
  • Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No artificial coloring and additives
  • Added Premium Salmon Oil for skin and coat
  • Added Fruits and Vegetables for vitamin boost
  • Made in Germany


35% Lamb, 30% Turkey, Broth, Vegetables (3% Potato), Fruits (2% Cranberry), 1% Minerals, Oils and Fats (0.1% Salmon Oil).

Guaranteed Analysis










  • Safe… 100% Rawhide Free
  • 99% Digestible
  • Made with Wholesome
  • Vegetables & REAL Chicken
  • 99% Fat Free
  • Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals
  • 100% Delicious
  • For small dog breeds under 10 lbs


  • Lamb is the #1 ingredient.
  • Works great as a treat or reward that your dog will crave.
  • No Corn, Wheat, or artificial flavor
  • Semi-moist, drool worthy treats, even senior dog also can eat.
  • Include Carni-King, a concentrated source of bioavailable L-Carnitine that helps build a lean body by helping your happy pet burn fat
  • Hearty meaty mini-appetizers
  • With tasty liver sausage
  • Gently cooked in the oven
  • Perfect for training
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • Aromafrisch packed
  • 89% Animal Protein
  • 9 Billion Probiotics
  • Grain-free
  • Artificial-free
  • suitable for Adult Cat & Kitten 
  • Prepared using premium quality ingredients with no added preservatives
  • High quality protein for easy digestion
  • High moisture content helps support a healthy urinary tract


  • Plenty of omega fatty acid from salmon oil and flaxseed help to improve skin and hair coat.
  • Using Protease(Enzyme) for digestion of protein.
  • Semi moisture processing with fresh salmon as primary ingredients.
  • Enriched glucosamine and chondroitin help to reinforce joint and cartilage.
  • Enriched probiotics, chicory inulin and fructo oligosaccharide(Prebiotic).
  • with FOS
  • for daily treats and training rewards
  • particularly strong taste


  • Real Chicken Wrapped on the Outside for an Over-the-Top Chicken Taste!
  • Rawhide-Free
  • Easy to Digest
  • Vitamin & Mineral Enriched
  • Chewing Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth
  • With 5 animal proteins (meat, fish & offal)
  • Small biscuits for small dogs up to 10 kg
  • Gluten-free
  • Nutritious New Zealand mussels
  • A natural, real meat treat for your cat or kitten with added vitamins and minerals.
  • Made with no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours. 
  • They're perfect to use for training your kitten, or as a treat for your feline friend when you're having a treat yourself.
  • Made with Real Sweet Potatoes, Chicken and Vegetables
  • Rawhide-Free
  • Easy to Digest
  • Vitamin & Mineral Enriched
  • Chewing Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth
  • For Large breeds
  • Eases tangles and mats
  • Remove dead hairs from undercoat and topcoat
  • Fluffs up and beautifies the coat
  • Stimulates hair follicies to promote hair health and regrowth
  • Soft steel pins help effectively brush medium & long coats
  • Comb styles comes with anti-slip handle and can be used in wet
  • Product from Taiwan
  • Bravery is a range of dry foods for prestigious cats.
  • It is a cereal free product, mono protein, with meat always as the first ingredient.
  • Only with antioxidants, hypoallergenic and with 100% natural products.
  • Made in Spain
  • Grain Free Cat Food
  • Health and safety are our priorities
  • With African ostrich
  • For sensitive dogs
  • Grainfree recipe
  • Selected protein: meat & offal from lamb
  • Particularly stomach-intestine-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Even for sensitive dogs
  • Small biscuits for small dogs up to 10 kg



– Delicious flavor
– Keeps your dog happy

  • Rope Lead Material
  • High Quality
  • Randomly Colour


  • size available 
  • Nylon Size : 6MM X 142CM (PDE02-0656)
  • Nylon Size : 8MM X 142CM (PDE02-0856)
  • Nylon Size : 10MM X 152CM (PDE02-1060)
  • Nylon Size : 12MM X 152CM (PDE02-1260)
  • Nylon Size : 15MM X 162CM (PDE02-1564)
  • Nylon Size : 18MM X 162CM (PDE02-1864)


  • Product Origin : Taiwan
  • Mitigate dog's skin problems and infections from bacteria.
  • 76% Fresh meat
  • 99.5% Natural ingredients
  • 0% Meat & bone meal, by-products
  • Artificial free