DINOS Ticks, Lice & Fleas Dog & Cat Shampoo 500ml
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Brand Dinos
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  • Removes & Repels Ticks, Lice, Fleas& Mites Naturally
  • Gently cleans, deodorises and beautifies
  • Helps reduce itchiness associated with scratching

DINOS Ticks, Lice & Fleas Dog & Cat Shampoo 500ml

Product Description

A gentle acting insect repellant shampoo formulated with natural neem extract to remove and repel particularly ticks, lice & fleas as well as other animal insect pest such as mites, etc. Neem being well established as a safe natural product is non-toxic, user friendly, animal host friendly, eco-friendly and predator friendly. Neem acts by targeted insect pest in diverse forms – through growth, development, behavior and reproduction. Besides, this shampoo also helps to reduce and control itchiness associated with scratching. It is totally pH-balanced to clean and deodorize thoroughly, leaving your dog’s skin and coat brilliantly clean, soft and smelling fresh.


Wet dog’s coat thoroughly with clean water and apply a liberal amount of shampoo onto different parts of the body, avoiding the eyes and the nose. Massage through the coat until a rich lather is obtained throughout the body. Allow lather to remain on the animal for 5 -10 minutes before rinsing off with water. Repeat as necessary for best results.



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1 x DINOS Ticks, Lice & Fleas Dog & Cat Shampoo 500ml